When I got married a few years back, the big box stores were the standard places to register for weddings, but today, with online marketplaces offering nearly everything an Wedding Registries are moving onlineengaged couple could imagine ever needing, it’s easy to see why wedding registries at places like Amazon.com would be on the rise.

Wedding Registries are Moving to Amazon Because it’s Easy

Amazon has learned the name of the game is to make it easy, and that’s just what they’ve done with the wedding registries as well – from helpful lists to share functionality, Amazon makes the online wedding registry shopping fun. Plus, couples can search online together, or separately, add items to their lists virtually when time allows, and it can be fun to catch up to see what each other wants later.

Wedding Registries are Moving to Amazon Because Shopping is More Fun

Amazon not your grandmother’s or even your mother’s place

unique bedding for wedding registry

Feeling feisty? There are so many fun options!

to register – they offer out-of-the-box ideas, going beyond traditional wedding registry ideas with items like smart wireless speakers, unique French flatware, beautiful dinner napkins to last a lifetime, his and hers robes, whimsical bowls, and so much more.

Wedding Registries are Moving to Amazon Because Couples can Quickly and Easily get more Ideas

If you every want to see what others are ordering or need more ideas, a simple search for wedding gift ideas allows you to quickly and easily choose what you’d like to add to your registry quickly and easily.

Wedding Registries Moving to Amazon Because Brides are Already There Preparing for the Big Day

In preparation of the big day, Amazon offers beautiful bridesmaids dresses, great bridesmaids gift ideas, fun bride-to-be accessories, and even dresses for the beautiful bride! They have a whole wedding store. And the items you’ll find are a great mix of traditional and different.

It’s not hard to see why Amazon is sweeping up the competition. It must be hard to try to keep up!


PS Now through May 31, 2016, Amazon.com is offering a contest to win a free honeymoon in Costa Rica! All you have to do is start a registry and include one Lenox item (and be over 21 years old).

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