Lash Extensions Pros and Cons

After seeing a friend with gorgeous lashes recently, and finding out they were lash extensions, it planted the seed of desire to try them for myself. The eyelash extensions looked great – she had no other makeup, and her eyes looked amazing! I decided to research eyelash or lash extensions pros and cons.

Eye Lash Extensions Pros and Cons – the PROS:

  1. They look great
  2. They last a good three weeks before you need to do anything with them (longer than those gel/shellac manicures!)
  3. You really don’t need to wear mascara with them
  4. They look natural(ish). Especially if you’re going out at night, they look great!
  5. Because the good ones are applied one at a time, they follow your lash line and you can’t see where the extension begins and your lash ends. Bulk application or batch application is not recommended by most professionals.
  6. Application is forced relaxation time!
  7. You can wear contacts with the extensions (although you should not wear them during application)
  8. Something about having great lashes makes you look more put together and polished. Little to no makeup needed!
  9. There are great little brushes to take care of your new hair! Be sure to wash them gently and then brush out.

Eye Lash Extensions Pros and Cons – the CONS:

  1. They take time. Application takes 1.5 – 2 hours! The good news is that you just lie there with your eyes closed!
  2. They need to be filled. Lashes fall off, and therefore your lashes begin to look less filled after about three weeks. The best ones stay on for about 2 months, but you will not have nice even lashes between the 4-8 week mark, so you need to plan to get the fills in about 3 weeks after the initial application. Fills take about an hour.
  3. While application doesn’t hurt, it’s not exactly super coEye lash extensions tapemfortable to lay there with tape on your bottom lashes for 1-2 hours. You do get used to it, and for those of us who wax or have children, you will likely still find this time to yourself quiet and pain free in comparison!
  4. If you wear glasses, you’ll likely need to trim the length of the lashes as they will hit your glasses. If you wear contacts, take them out prior to application (and then put them back in after lashes are applied).
  5. They can be a bit dramatic looking. For me, the first time I got them applied I thought they were a bit over the top. The good news is, you can always trim them. I trimmed mine back to be just slightly longer than my natural lashes. It gives my lashes a boost and looks like I already have mascara on.
  6. You need to make sure all eye makeup and other makeup near your eyes is oil free, as oil can loosen the glue and make the lashes begin to detach.
  7. Some people are allergic to the glue. If you are, make sure you respond quickly by getting them professionally removed asap. If you are not able to get someone to remove them professionally, I’ve heard that using a Q-tip carefully along the lash line with olive oil and/or baby oil works well (I have not tried this, and be sure not to get it in your eyes!). Here’s a video of someone who had an allergic reaction and had to remove them asap.
  8. Just like with real lashes, they can get into your eyes when they fall out. Be prepared if you wear contacts to get those out quickly.
  9. Be careful about who applies them! Make sure the person is licensed, and a certified for lash extensions by one of the big-name eye lash extension brands. I use NovaLash, but there are others. Ask the person applying them if they are certified and what brand they are applying to you. They should know (otherwise they’re likely buying them in bulk at a beauty store).

Although the eye lash extensions pros and cons list looks a little long on the cons side, most of the items are more on the disclaimer side, and likely won’t be an issue. Hope you enjoy your new lash extensions if you try it!

Are you thinking about applying them yourself with a friend? Eye Lash Extension Supplies can be found online as well – be careful!