Eyelash extensions process

Eyelash Extensions Process

Many people have asked about the eyelash extensions process – how do these lashes get applied, how long does it take, does it hurt, how long do they last, etc. Here’s the eyelash extensions process. Check out our lash extensions pros and cons post for more information.

Eyelash Extensions Process

  1. Find a certified lash extensions person in your area. Make sure they are experienced, and apply lashes one at a time (not batch). A quick Google search should work.
  2. Ask for the cost up front. Usually the initial application is around $149.
  3. The process will take 1.5-2 hours – find the time and book an appointment.
  4. On the day of the appointment, do not wear makeup or contact lens.
  5. Upon arrival, you should be asked to fill in paperwork confirming you are not allergic to glue, medical tape, etc.
  6. After being brought into a private room (similar to the room you usually go into for waxing if you’ve ever done that), you will lie down on a table.
  7. First, you will look up and back so they can apply the tape to your bottom
    lash tape application as part of the eyelash extensions process

    Tape will be applied to your lower lashes as part of the eyelash extensions process

    lashes to keep them out of the way, and so they can see your top lashes better for easier application.

  8. Next you will close your eyes. Be sure to speak up now if the bottom tape is very uncomfortable because you will be lying like this for awhile and you do not want to try to adjust it after they begin applying the glue for the lashes.
  9. Do not open your eyes. The fumes and glue will give you a burning sensation in your eye(s) if you do!
  10. Rest as much as you can and try not to laugh or change your expression too much as it could move the tape around your eyes and make it uncomfortable.
  11. The application is pain-free – you might feel a little pull here and there but no pinches or pain.
  12. The technician will apply lashes one at a time, one eye and then the other, back and forth to make sure the lashes are even across both eyes.
  13. They have a number of sizes and thicknesses to choose from, so the beginning is a little slower as they match up the thickness and length to your natural lashes the first time you go.
  14. Continue to rest as this process takes 1.5-2 hours.
  15. After the technician is finished, keep eyes closed. They will likely use a small fan to help dry the glue that remains, and to get the fumes away from your eyes.
  16. If you also need an eyebrow or lip wax, and the technician does that process as well, this is a perfect time to do it as you have to wait a few moments anyways!
  17. The technician will tell you when you can open your eyes, and will give you a mirror to see the results. If you see anything not perfect, speak up now!
  18. You are now done with the application process!
  19. You can put your contact lenses back in if you’d like, although I waited a few hours to give my eyes a little break and to get used to the lashes. They don’t weigh too much, but compared to what you had before, it’s a bit more work for your eyelids!

Now that the eyelash extensions process is complete, keep these tips in mind:

  • Do not use oils on or near your eyes or extensions, as they can loosen the glue and make your lashes fall out more quickly.
  • If you have an allergic reaction to the glue, you can usually return to the same place for the fastest removal. If you’re not able to return, you can take a shower to steam your lashes, then use olive oil on a Q-tip gently to remove the glue and lashes. I’ve heard baby oil works as well, but have not personally tried either. Contact your doctor as needed.
  • If the lashes are a bit much for you – too dramatic or not natural looking enough – try trimming them before removing to see if the shorter length is enough of a change. Here’s a video on how to trim your eyelash extensions.
  • If your technician didn’t give you a mascara brush, grab one online or at your local store so you can brush out your lashes as needed to keep them clean and lush.
  • You do need to wash your eyelash extensions hair, so when you’re washing your face with a gentle (oil-free) cleanser, be sure to wash your lashes too!
  • After about 2 weeks you will notice your lashes thinning out. Make an appointment for about a week out, and your fills will cost less than doing a full eyelash extensions process all over again.
  • The fills take about 1 hour and usually cost about 1/2 as much as the original as long as you do it about three weeks from when you originally got them done. Fills are usually around $75.

I hope you enjoyed this information on the eyelash extensions process, and enjoy the lashes if you choose to get them applied! Want more information? Read our lash extensions pros and cons blog post.

Lash Extensions Pros and Cons

eye lash extensions

After seeing a friend with gorgeous lashes recently, and finding out they were lash extensions, it planted the seed of desire to try them for myself. The eyelash extensions looked great – she had no other makeup, and her eyes looked amazing! I decided to research eyelash or lash extensions pros and cons.

Eye Lash Extensions Pros and Cons – the PROS:

  1. They look great
  2. They last a good three weeks before you need to do anything with them (longer than those gel/shellac manicures!)
  3. You really don’t need to wear mascara with them
  4. They look natural(ish). Especially if you’re going out at night, they look great!
  5. Because the good ones are applied one at a time, they follow your lash line and you can’t see where the extension begins and your lash ends. Bulk application or batch application is not recommended by most professionals.
  6. Application is forced relaxation time!
  7. You can wear contacts with the extensions (although you should not wear them during application)
  8. Something about having great lashes makes you look more put together and polished. Little to no makeup needed!
  9. There are great little brushes to take care of your new hair! Be sure to wash them gently and then brush out.

Eye Lash Extensions Pros and Cons – the CONS:

  1. They take time. Application takes 1.5 – 2 hours! The good news is that you just lie there with your eyes closed!
  2. They need to be filled. Lashes fall off, and therefore your lashes begin to look less filled after about three weeks. The best ones stay on for about 2 months, but you will not have nice even lashes between the 4-8 week mark, so you need to plan to get the fills in about 3 weeks after the initial application. Fills take about an hour.
  3. While application doesn’t hurt, it’s not exactly super coEye lash extensions tapemfortable to lay there with tape on your bottom lashes for 1-2 hours. You do get used to it, and for those of us who wax or have children, you will likely still find this time to yourself quiet and pain free in comparison!
  4. If you wear glasses, you’ll likely need to trim the length of the lashes as they will hit your glasses. If you wear contacts, take them out prior to application (and then put them back in after lashes are applied).
  5. They can be a bit dramatic looking. For me, the first time I got them applied I thought they were a bit over the top. The good news is, you can always trim them. I trimmed mine back to be just slightly longer than my natural lashes. It gives my lashes a boost and looks like I already have mascara on.
  6. You need to make sure all eye makeup and other makeup near your eyes is oil free, as oil can loosen the glue and make the lashes begin to detach.
  7. Some people are allergic to the glue. If you are, make sure you respond quickly by getting them professionally removed asap. If you are not able to get someone to remove them professionally, I’ve heard that using a Q-tip carefully along the lash line with olive oil and/or baby oil works well (I have not tried this, and be sure not to get it in your eyes!). Here’s a video of someone who had an allergic reaction and had to remove them asap.
  8. Just like with real lashes, they can get into your eyes when they fall out. Be prepared if you wear contacts to get those out quickly.
  9. Be careful about who applies them! Make sure the person is licensed, and a certified for lash extensions by one of the big-name eye lash extension brands. I use NovaLash, but there are others. Ask the person applying them if they are certified and what brand they are applying to you. They should know (otherwise they’re likely buying them in bulk at a beauty store).

Although the eye lash extensions pros and cons list looks a little long on the cons side, most of the items are more on the disclaimer side, and likely won’t be an issue. Hope you enjoy your new lash extensions if you try it!

Are you thinking about applying them yourself with a friend? Eye Lash Extension Supplies can be found online as well – be careful!

Best Deodorant for Women

I’m always on the lookout for the best deodorant for women. I feel like my body chemistry has changed so many times over the years, and I continually have to change my deodorant to keep up with my changing body. So my best deodorant has changed over the years.

What a “Best Deodorant for Women” means to me: Invisible solids are greatly preferred, Secret Outlast So very summerberry keep it fresh 48 hoursalthough I’ve used some sprays before; unscented is also preferred, although I’m always tempted by cute names like Very Berry Summerberry and Peach Burst; and long-lasting – as in 12 hours or more preferred.

I tried the scented deodorants noted above, and they smelled great in the store, but when I got home and applied them, I couldnDegree motion sense 48 hours Peach burst‘t not smell the deodorant. I don’t like to be able to smell deodorant on myself, so as much as I loved them, they were out for me as the best deodorant for women – at least for me!

Next I tried the Secret Outlast Completely Clean as I really like the Secret Outlast, as it really does seem to outlast other deodorants on the market. I used to use Degree often, which is Secret Outlast completely clean keep it fresh 48 hourswhy I tried the Peach Burst Degree, but it just didn’t seem to work as well as it used to – I’m thinking the changes in my body or something?! Maybe I’ll have to try the Shower Clean again as I believe that was my favorite.

Anyways, then I moved on to the unscented deodorants to give my sense of smell a break. I wanted to smell fresh and clean and Sure unscented lasts all daynot like a deodorant stick. I went with Sure first – anyone else remember those Sure! Sure! Unsure! commercials? I think I remembered them as being sure you smelled good and not sure you’re dry! I did stay dry, but I wasn’t 100% confident in the odor department!

So I went back to my Secret Outlast, and went with the Secret Outlast unscented keep it fresh 48 hoursUnscented, and have been using that since. So the best deodorant for women according to me is the Secret Outlast Unscented solid.


How to Stop Teeth Sensitivity

Teeth sensitivity doesn’t have to be the name of the game in getting whiter teeth. My teeth get very sensitive after I use whitening strips, but I love white teeth, and have no intentions of stopping the whitening, so I had to figure out how to stop teeth sensitivity.

First, I changed my whitening process so it’d be less frequent, and equally effectively. Then I bought a great sensitive toothpaste, the Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief.Best toothpaste for sensitive teeth after whitening It works better than any of the other sensitive toothpastes I’ve tried, and doesn’t leave that baking soda after-effect feeling in your mouth.

In addition to the toothpaste change, however, is the addition of ACT fluoride rinse, which seems to add another layer of protection from the sensitivity.

I still do get teeth sensitivity after whitening, but with the addition of the ACT and sensitive toothpaste, I was able to stop the teeth sensitivity, or at least lessen it dramatically.

I do try to take good care of my teeth with regular flossing with my favorite OralB Glide floss, and brushing twice a day with an electric toothbrush to help make sure I’m cleaning Best dental floss Glide by OralBmy teeth well – especially those back teeth!

Hope it works for you too! (Keep in mind if you have sensitive teeth and you’re not whitening, or even if you are, you should see your dentist who will know more about your teeth than me!)

Looking for the whitest teeth in town? Check out my post on the Best Teeth Whitening Strips.

Best Teeth Whitening Strips

I love white teeth. I would love to have tan skin and white teeth all year, and although I know I can’t sport the tan healthily all year, I can have the best, whitest teeth possible by using the best teeth whitening strips on the market.

Laugh if you must, but my dentist even marvels at how white my teeth are! Here’s a photo best teeth whitening strips white teeth next to white piece of paperof my teeth next to a white piece of paper so you can see just how white I am able to keep them with the help of whitening strips! My teeth aren’t perfect but they sure are white!

The trick isn’t to go so crazy with whitening strips that your teeth are super sensitive all the time  (how to stop teeth sensitivity), but rather to whiten them, and keep them white with a great everyday toothpaste like the Crest Whitening with Scope toothpaste (yes, that’s what I use).best toothpaste crest whitening

I use the best Crest Whitening strips on the market each time I buy them. Currently I think this is the Intensive Professional Effects Crest White Strips. They are not cheap but I only have to buy them about once a year, so it’s not so bad cost-wise. I don’t use them everyday for a period of time because I’m a wimp and hate tooth sensitivity. I only use them about every other month or every third montCrest White strips besth. But I only use them one time. Yes, one time. Not morning and night, just once. I’ve found a great sensitive toothpaste, but I would prefer to not have sensitive teeth at all! If you’ve never used them before, you may want to use them more than I do in the beginning to get your teeth as white as you can (follow package instructions), and then switch over to my plan.

Best Dry Shampoo No Scalp Irritation

I love to skip the hassle of washing (and especially drying) my hair everyday, but in order to do so, I needed to find the best dry shampoo out there, and one that would cause no scalp irritation. Keep in mind that the best dry shampoo may not be a shampoo at all!

I have sensitive skin, and apparently I also have a sensitive scalp. I’ve tried a number of dry shampoos, including the Alterna Caviar Dry Shampoo recommended by a hair stylist. I hated the smell of the Alterna, so no matter how well it worked, I couldn’t get past the smell to seriously consider it.

Next, I moved on to the popular Batiste dry shampoo. The liked the cherry scented one, and was starting to feel like it really was the best dry shampoo on the market. In fact, if you don’t have sensitive skin, this is a very highly rated popular dry shampoo that works really well, and you might just feel that it is the best dry shampoo for you. But it did irritate my scalp, so I had to keep looking. (For clarification, the irritation it caused was a slight burning right on the top back part of my head – the “crown” area I believe it’s caused – and it went right away when I discontinued using it. No medical visit and it wasn’t a big deal overall for me, in fact it took me awhile to realize it was caused by the dry shampoo!)

NePSSSST dry shampooxt I tried the also popular PSSSST! Dry Shampoo as it’s marketed as the “Original” dry shampoo, and supposedly has been around for more than a decade!

It sprays well and doesn’t seem to coat your hair as heavily as some other dry shampoos, so we were off to a great start. The smell is pretty fresh, and it seemed to do the trick the first time I used it. PSSSST dry shampoo directions on back of bottle

However, after the first time I used it, I didn’t feel like I was getting the same results, I reread the simple directions, and still wasn’t that satisfied. I had no scalp irritation, so that was nice, but it still didn’t seem like the best dry shampoo for me.

So I continued my quest for the best dry shampoo, with no scalp irritation of course. I guess I was really looking for the best dry shampoo for sensitive scalps? Anyways, I had heard that dry shampoos were really just made up of powder.

Johnsons baby powder pure cornstarch best dry shampoo

I read the ingredients on the dry shampoos and realized that they all had corn starch as the first ingredient. Wasn’t that the same thing you used on kids when they’re in diapers??! I dug out an old bottle of it, and sure enough, you can buy Johnson’s Baby Powder that is Pure Cornstarch. I suppose you could get simply cornstarch as well, but I tried the Johnson’s and was really happy with it! No irritation, it worked well, and my hair smelled like baby powder – not too bad! It is important if you use this to smooth it out on your hands so you don’t have any clumps and to make sure your hair isn’t wet. I usually use it before I take a shower, then throw on a cute shower cap, and jump in the shower. Then, when I get out, I do a quick 1 minute blow dry to fluff my hair back up, and it’s good to go with a little touch ups here and here – very quick and easy. My friend swears by using it before bed and then your hair never gets greasy – I keep forgetting to try it! UPDATE! I tried it, and this is by far the best way to use a “dry shampoo” – I will never buy another option again! Sprinkle it on your hands liberally, pat them together, and then pat your hair in all the areas that usually look greasy after a day or two (or if you’re really lucky, three!) of not washing, and then sleep on your pillow as usual, and in the am it’s all absorbed and you have no need to wash your hair! Best dry shampoo ever!!

IMG_4156So after finding out that the powder was really the best dry shampoo for me, I ventured beyond the baby powder to try to find one that smelled a little more grown up than baby powder. The Shower to Shower line has a lot of powders that smell fresh and clean, and so I tried the Morning Fresh one and was quite happy.

So now I switch between the Johnson’s and Shower to Shower depending on my mood. No scalp irritation for me, and powder with pure cornstarch is definitely the best dry shampoo option for me.