So after a few weeks of eyelash extensions, and one refill, I had enough fun and wanted them off. I searched for the best way to find out how to remove eyelash extensions and found the most common answer to be steaming and then using oil. My results suggest otherwise.

How to remove eyelash extensions

Eyelash Extensions Process

Eyelash Extensions

The way most people suggest you remove them is by steaming your face and therefore eyelashes for 10-15 minutes, and then to gently use olive oil over your lashes to loosen the glue and make the eyelash extensions fall off.

When I tried this method, I ended up steaming my face for what seemed like forever (Not sure how to steam your face? Use a kitchen towel over your head over a pot of boiling water to help keep the steam trapped – keep back so as to not burn yourself. This is great for opening pores up too!) I timed myself, and after 20 minutes of steam, the lashes were still solidly locked on. I started to use the olive oil on a gentle makeup remover pad (can also use cotton balls but they may fall apart too much) and gently encourage the glue to come off my lashes but rubbing the oil on the glue. The only time the eyelash extensions released from my eyelashes is when I pulled quite a bit, which unfortunately was enough to somewhat painfully rip out my lashes too! I kept trying for another 5-10 minutes and by then I only had a few of the extensions left. I gently pulled them out as well. When I looked in the mirror and saw I had virtually no lashes left, I was not happy.

Bottom line – don’t do it unless you’re desperate.

If I had to do it again, this is how I’d remove the eyelash extensions


Remove eyelash extensions

Instead of trying to rush (over the course of 30+ minutes!) removal, I’d very carefully trim back the extensions to my normal lash length if they were getting thin or uneven and then use olive oil on them after my shower for a few days in a row to hopefully get them to come off without the effort and pulling on my natural lashes.

I’m not very happy with how my nearly nonexistent lashes look right now! 🙁 It reminds me of back when I used to get acrylic nails, love them, then want them off, and then having wrecked nails for weeks. Boo!

3d fiber lashes next? who knows!


Good luck!