Top 20 Things to Bring on your next Disney Cruise – packing list

Disney Cruise Packing

Here’s a complete list of the things to bring on your next Disney Cruise!

Top 20 things to bring on your next Disney Cruise – Packing Checklist
1. Sunblock (one large aerosol can of sunblock for each day in the sun for a family of four)
2. Bathing suits (3 per person ideal)
3. Flip flops and one extra pair of Crocs or water shoes (my son got a blister from the flip flops he wore fine all summer after only 2 days!)
4. Sunglasses
5. Hats (sunblock only helps so much, especially when on the islands – we bring baseball style hats and big floppy ones for me, and a Tilley for my hubbie)
6. Shorts (1 pair for every 2 days)
7. T-shirts (1 pair for each day)
8. Dress or Hawaiian/simple style short sleeve dress shirt)
9. Underwear – these are the best ever!  (1 pair for each day for each person). Bra(s).
10. Socks (1 pair for bike riding, and 1 pair for ride home unless plan to wear sneakers more often)
11. Sneakers (if like them for running, bike riding or have only one pair of flip flops or sandals)
12. Lanyard (ideally with an enclosed area to hold card – see why here)
13. Clothes pins to help hang up bathing suits
14. Reusable water bottle or thermos
15. Alcohol – nips and a 6-pack of your favorite beer (or a bottle of wine!)
16. Sweater or sweatshirt for cooler nights
17. Big trash bag for dirty laundry as well as a bag for the beach day!
18. Large Ziploc bag or similar for wet bathing suits at the end of the trip
19. Pirate stuff! If there’s a pirate party, it’s great fun to bring light up swords, a hat or other fun attire.
20. Any medications you require, and tooth brushes, tooth paste, deodorant, Chapstick, and any other personal items you need.

Don’t bother bringing:
1. Towels – Disney Cruise line supplies a ton on the pool deck!
2. Too many clothes – you’re in a bathing suit most of the day!
3. Food – there’s a ton to eat, even for those with dietary restrictions.
4. Shampoo, conditioner, soap or lotion. Unless you’re picky about your products.
5. Too many books or magazines. There’s a huge movie screen by the pools on day and night

Have a great time on your Disney cruise! We hope this packing list was helpful. The Disney Cruise line has a list of forbidden items, so be sure to check their site directly as well!

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