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Eyelash extensions process

Eyelash Extensions Process

Many people have asked about the eyelash extensions process – how do these lashes get applied, how long does it take, does it hurt, how long do they last, etc. Here’s the eyelash extensions process. Check out our lash extensions pros and cons post for more information. Eyelash Extensions Process Find a certified lash extensions […]

Lash Extensions Pros and Cons

eye lash extensions

After seeing a friend with gorgeous lashes recently, and finding out they were lash extensions, it planted the seed of desire to try them for myself. The eyelash extensions looked great – she had no other makeup, and her eyes looked amazing! I decided to research eyelash or lash extensions pros and cons. Eye Lash Extensions Pros and […]

Best Dry Shampoo No Scalp Irritation

Best Dry Shampoo No Scalp Irritation

I love to skip the hassle of washing (and especially drying) my hair everyday, but in order to do so, I needed to find the best dry shampoo out there, and one that would cause no scalp irritation. Keep in mind that the best dry shampoo may not be a shampoo at all! I have sensitive […]

Best Gel Nail Polish – No Heat Lamp Required

Gel Nail Polish No Heat Lamp Required

The new gel nail polishes now available last an amazingly long time. But the hassle to take the gel and shellac polishes off, and expense to get it done had me on the search to find the best gel nail polish alternative – one with no heat lamp required, and a simpler removal process. The […]

Better Skin – How to Get Better Skin and Keep it

better skin acne free

It’s only taken me about 40 years to figure out the secret to getting better looking skin. From breakouts, to minor acne, to eczema to dry skin and dark spots, my skin has not been easy. But I have learned a lot, and hopefully my hindsight can be your foresight so you can benefit now, […]

Best Sunblock Aerosol Sprays

Best Sunblock Aerosol Sprays

Let me start by saying I absolutely love the aerosol sunblock sprays. I don’t know how anyone cannot love them. They are the best sunblocks – easy to use, easy to reapply, and they work great! Yes, you have to make sure you spray all over and don’t miss a spot, but you have to […]