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Best electric toothbrush

Best electric toothbrush

A good electric toothbrush can make your mouth feel really clean and fresh. Great toothbrushes are an important part of good dental hygiene, and may help make those dentist visits a little less painful (both for you and your pocketbook!). Which is the best electric toothbrush? These are our top picks. Best Electric Toothbrush 1.The Philips Sonicare […]

Great Watches for Men Under $200

best watches for men

If you’re looking to step up your watch game to the next level, these great watches for men are a great place to start. Although many great watches for men are offered at higher and lower levels, a watch just under the $200 price point offers a lot for the money. One of my most favorite […]

Great Watches for Men under $100

Men's watches under $100

There are a number of great men’s watches for under $100 Seiko Watches for men under $100. Offering a number of options, Seiko is a timeless choice that ignites a love of watches for many men. They are durable, look great, and last. When you buy a Seiko, you know you’re getting a good quality […]

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Men 2016

great gifts for men

I’ve found that the best way to find the best Valentine’s Day gifts for men is to ask other men! Luckily, I have a brother and great coworkers, making my Valentine’s Day gift shopping much easier. Men are hard to shop for! And I don’t care what others say, they are often much more picky […]

Best Suitcase Organizer

suitcase organizer

Hello beauty blog lovers! Have I got a great suitcase organizer tip today! I just found the best suitcase organizers ever – I’m always over stuffing my suitcase and wondering how others can pack so neatly and easily! I pack items I don’t use and don’t have items I want. Not anymore!! This suitcase organizer […]