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Best Yoga Mat

When it comes to yoga mats, personal preferences go a long way. Some people prefer a thicker mat, less dense, with a firm cushiony feel, while others prefer something more dense, thin and firm. One thing is for sure across the board – we want a non-slip surface and a great comfortable mat. Although there may not be a one-mat-fits-all – we think these mats stack up best when people ask us to recommend the best yoga mat overall.

Best Yoga Mat

1.Manduka PROlight Yoga and Pilates Mat. As the name suggests, this mat is lightweight, but it also offers stability and cushion without feeling too soft. It’s sticky Best Yoga mat #1enough to stay put on the floor, and the cushion offers less stress on your joints as you’re less likely to feel the ground beneath it than with other, cheaper, mats. Many users feel less stress on their joints using the PROlight, as the mat is thick enough to offer additional support. The PROlight feels supportive without too much thickness, and features the closed cell technology, making it less likely to capture bacteria and spread germs. And none of us want germs or stinky mats! Manduka is known for their excellent customer service, and offers a lifetime warranty on their mats. This mat can’t be beat for a best yoga mat category.

2.The Combo Mat. If you’re looking for a mat that will allow you to glide through your workouts and grip more the sweatier you get, The Combo Mat Best Yoga mat #2is the best yoga mat choice. Also great for other workouts, the mat is unique in that it includes a built-in microfiber towel-like top layer. (Now you can stop lugging around the mat and the towel to your hot yoga class!) Even better, it’s machine washable, so you can really feel like it’s clean and ready for the next usage. It’s made with biodegradable natural tree rubber and water based print inks, which we also appreciate. Quick disclaimer – if you sweat like a fountain, you may still want that extra towel for hot yoga!

3.Jade Harmony Professional 3/16 Inch Yoga MatJade Yoga is a well-known name in yoga mats, and the Harmony Professional is well liked among many professional yoga instructors and frequent yoga participants. Made with open-cell, Best Yoga mat #3natural rubber, it offers excellent stickiness, with slip resistance even with sweat on the mat. Known as the mat that keeps yoga teachers confident and secure in sticking poses, many instructors choose it as the go-to yoga mat for students who ask for suggestions. Jade is also well known for their customer service, plants a tree for every mat sold, and the mats are made in the United States – plus, they are biodegradable!

4.PrAna E.C.O Yoga MatThe ECO mat is more anti-slip than a standard mat, adhering well to the floor and your feet. They have great designs and a good amount of cushion to lift you from the Best Yoga mat #4solid floor below. If you sweat a lot, you may still need a towel to help you hold your positions, although most users will be fine without one. The two sided mat benefit, cushioning, toxic-free production, nice grip and great price led us to choose this as the best yoga mat from prAna’s Earth Conscious Offering collection.

5.Gaiam Print Yoga Mat. If you’re looking for a good, cheap mat, the Gaiam is the best yoga mat for you. Priced at a very reasonable $20 or so, the mat Best Yoga mat #5 cheapwill hold up well for the occasional yoga practice, and look great on the floor. It’s non-slip traction holds up well, and it’s pretty lightweight. There are more than a dozen designs to choose from, and they clean easily with soap and water. They are sticky and thin, which work well for beginning or infrequent yoga. If you’re older, want to do more to protect your joints, or are doing yoga on a more frequent basis, we recommend choosing one of the other options above.

Looking for more yoga accessories? Yoga bags are a great way to store your yoga mat when it’s not in use – be sure to order the right size to matchbest yoga mat - yoga bag your yoga mat’s width! A larger yoga bag may be needed best yoga mat - yoga mat slingsdepending on the size you use. Another accessory you may enjoy having from day one is a yoga mat sling to carry your mat with. You’ll notice most people who frequently practice yoga are fanatics about two things – their mats and their slings!